About Us


Erlia (Reh) Franciska likes

Green and purple colour

Bali, Lombok, Turkey, Banff Canada, New York, Hong Kong, Venice, San Francisco, Vancouver.

Chocolate and ice cream, seafood, ramen, ko tieh, french fries with mayonnaise, & all kind of


Likes to work in early morning while sipping her coffee and listening to the heavenly voice of birds.

Eating butter popcorn with her beautiful daughter while watching Grey’s Anatomy.

Playing with her two super cute dachschunds

Buying so many books in a year (marketing, travelling, home design, packaging structure, health & culinary, flower; craft, wedding decor, religion books, asterix & tintin)

Sometimes wake up at 2 am to watch a very interesting tv program at BBC Knowledge or NatGeo Adventure.

To see new faces, new cities, taste new food, face new adventure.

To collect souvenirs from all over the world

Phantom of the Opera, Lion King, Les Miserables.

Cold Play, Katy Perry, Bon Jovi, Robbie Williams, Andrea Bocelli.

She enjoys finding a creative souvenir idea and adding her creativity and imagination into it.


PREVIOUS JOB: I was a Creative Director at an advertising agency for the last 9 years, from a total of 25 years working in the same field. Meeting with many types of clients, from small to big clients, helping them with the best creative idea that sell their product. It was an unforgettable experiences that God gives me.

CURRENT JOB: I quit my job and start my own business (that I’ve been dreaming of for the last four years) , an online wedding souvenir, named rasacinta. It was all started when I was asked by one of my best friend to help making the invitation, setting decor & souvenir for her wedding, 6 years ago. One of the guest hold the customized souvenir that I made and said, “Oh.. this is so cuteeee”
And here I am now, making a deal with the owner of Chinese products in China, visiting craft & wedding fair, looking for pretty ribbons and unique textiles in Pasar Mayestik, learn from my competitors, browsing google to find inspirations, meeting with my clients in personal and listening to their wants and needs, put more soul to my brand with some creative touches here and there, brainstorming with my graphic designer, working from Monday to Saturday (sometimes also on Sunday) but oh.. I am so happy! Especially when I see the happiness expression of my clients when they see the souvenir that I have create & personalized for them ! All the hardworks are so worth it.